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20 Years After Brain Surgery

  About 20 years ago I had removal of part of left temporal lobe. I had loss of memory , though not as bad after a month or two.

 After going off Tegretol (took for 30 years) and being put on Keppra, I could not believe how much better my memory got ! It was amazing !   I always figured the bad memory was due to the surgery.

  I've been on Aricept for a couple years and everything was going great, but in the last couple months I notice I'm not remembering near as good as I was .  I have had no change in medications- Keppra 1,500 mg daily, Dilantin 200 mg daily.

 I was beginning to wonder if it had something to do with the drug company my pharmacy bought it from, but they told me it was the same company they had been buying it from for the last year.

I know in the past I was unable to take the Keppra from the drug company MYLAN. I had all kinds of seizures when put on it, but now take Keppra from Torrent , and it works fine.

I just wanted to see if any others who had brain surgery years ago could give me their opinion of the 'long term effects' of brain surgery for seizures.

I would love to hear from any who have had brain surgery years ago and find out 'what to expect'. Thanks a lot.......Rhonda

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