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What is the name of a seizure when you faint, well like fainting?


When I was younger I did suffer from Eplipsey, in two ways, I had  Absence seizures I also had another type of Elipsey but I don't know what the name is, hence forth this discussion.

When i was younger, some times i would just drop like that, but I would faint and not twitch. But it also happended if some one knocked me by accident, it happended once in tesco's one lady knocked me with her trolley by accident, and I suddenly had a fit.


Could some one tell me what this is?

I know its not fainting, because they diagnosed it, but I don't know what its called...



I don't know what it is but I used to have the same kind of seizures when I was young. Now sometimes I just black out and get real dizzy but I haven't fainted.

Lots of different things and cause someone to 'faint' and fall. If a person has a history of seizures diagnosed, talk to the doctor about what's happening so he or she can help you know what to do. If a person hasn't talked with a doctor about these, best to do so. Phyllis already mentioned some types of seizure these events could be, or they could be related to other causes.

Good luck and hope it works out well,

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They could have been "drop" seizures also called "Atonic" (a-TON-ik) seizures. Atonic means "without tone," so in an atonic seizure, muscles suddenly lose strength. Your eyelids may droop, your head may nod, and you may drop things and often fall to the ground. You usually remain conscious.  And usually these seizures last for less than 15 seconds.

The other possibly is that they're "tonic seizures" which causes you to fall when you're standing.  That also involves sudden muscle contraction. 

Usually descriptions of the seizures by witnesses will suggest the diagnosis. Some EEG monitoring may be performed to confirm it. If the seizures persist, other tests may be used to make sure that changes in the heart rhythm or blood pressure are not causing the patient to fall down.   Phylis Feiner Johnson

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