What It's like for me.

Sometimes I wonder I have Epilepsy or not because when I was in the hospital for
three days I had several test run from CTR, to Heartographs because you
see when I came in my heart rate was over 140 and I was just laying on
the ground. But everything was found normal, aside from a large
collection of water on the brain as my mother put it. But even after I
was dismissed from the hospital no matter what meds they put me on.

contiune to have these episodes they wouldn't be so painful if they
didn't leave me so drained when I wake up it feels like someone sucked
the life out of me I can't speak propperly. My head feels foggy I can hear everyone around me but I can't respond well I can't walk for hours on my own I usually need help from others. I dislocate my shoulder alot from it. Three times so far. It also affects my short term memory. It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing or where I am, and now I guess to some degree I'm afraid of the embarressment. Is it like this for anyone else?


Re: What It's like for me.

I started filling out the information about me for my epilepsy diary.
Under"About me" is the tab "My seizures". Well, I didn't quite
understand what I was doing & I entered Complex partial 4 times
under "Describe your seizures", describing what happened on each
particular one before I realized I only needed to enter it once &
then make notes on the daily entry about what happened with a particular
seizure. Now I have 4 complex partials, but I only need one. How do I
get rid of the other 3?


Hi am new to this forum but I didnt know where to type this comment.
Anyway I use to be on Kapak going back years ago. But I stopped taking
them because they started making me drowsey alot. Anyway same is
occuring with Lamotrigine I am feeling drowsy alot and I tend to be
forgetful and lazy etc, also I have constapation (however you spell it)
until i started picking my right nostrel and I got into a rhythm when i
started picking my nostrel i went the toilet alot of times. Wonder if
theres a way round this because am getting really annoyed with people
telling me off to stop picking my nose. I accidently recently took a
tablet either was for crohns disease or with someone who as a cafeter
and wonder if this has a reason why? Also is there a way to get this out
of my system. I drink lots of water too.


I do a little gardening too if thats any help? LOL And have Prada Willy Syndrome which use to suffer from convulsion.


Re: What It's like for me.

The symptoms you described could be signs you are actually having seizure activity. If you have not done so already, you should notify your doctor about those symptoms. And what could be even better is notifying a neurologist, instead of just a primary care physician. "Is it like this for anyone else?" With the estimated 50 – 60 million people with epilepsy worldwide, I'm sure the answer to your question is, Yes. And this would definitely include anyone having a seizure being "afraid of embarrassment."

Bruce (I'm not a doctor, but instead, an epilepsy support group leader, epilepsy advocate, who has epilepsy.)