I need some feed back if possible,  my daughter had the VNS sinse she was 5 5rs old.  and now she is 18 well be 19 in may,   This would have been the 3rd time that she had to get in re-placed.   back in Dec she had it done and since then she had to get it either re-done cause it moved or shifted ,  and just the other day she had to get in re-done cause the wire twisted. 

I called the  Cyberonics this morning and they could not been any nicer.

  has this ever happened to anyone that could get back to me.  Now my daughter is running a low grade temp and even when we left the HP she had a  seizure and another one last night cause of her fever,   The hospital did give her an antibatic. in case of infection. 

Thanks  Conerned Dad