Visualizing Epilepsy - NYU SLOAN FILM

Hi my name is Addison Mehr I am a filmmaker studying at NYU and am working on a film for the prestigious Sloan Grant along with a science advisor from NYUs Center for Epilepsy.

In the film our main character has epilepsy. It is my goal to make this character as realistic as possible and I need your help. I want to properly depict the subjective experience of seizures and auras. Can you help us by telling us about your seizures? I'm especially interested in visual and memory symptoms such as the following:

1. VISUAL AURA- Describe in depth the visuals you perceive, what does it look like? How does it feel?

2. REPETITION Is your seizure/aura always the same? If so is there a particular image or visual that comes back?

3. MEMORY - Have you ever experienced flashbacks, deja vu, or jamais vu? Can you describe these experiences for me?

4. Before a seizure, do you feel it coming?

5. After a seizure, how do you feel?

You can post on the forum or email me directly at
Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to your responses!

Maurice Kanbar Institute Film & TV
Tisch School of the Arts