unknown seizures for your diary: is anything besides mood available?

when you have days/hours of feeling weird/ close to seizures/ off/ anxious/ something you now associate with epilepsy but do not define as a definite seizure how would you mark this in the diary here at epilepsy.com? in my diary i just make a note of it but it doesn't show up on graphs. it would be nice to have these show up on graphs as a different entity than a depressed mood but i don't know how to make this happen.


Re: unknown seizures for your diary

I understand your dilemma. People often want to track symptoms that they aren't sure about - this helps too so you can tell your doctor about symptoms and how often they are happening, then he or she can help you figure out what they may be.

There are a few options-
1- make a note on each day with what happened, how long they lasted, any triggers etc. When you print out a report, check the box to have the notes come out too. However, they won't come out in a graph.

2- Go to About Me setup and click on the My Seizures tab- create a seizure type that is labeled something like, 'feeling seizurey', 'preseizure feelings', or 'unknown'. Then follow the directions to finish filling in the fields.
Then when you want to enter one into your diary, click on add
a seizure, and from the drop-down menu you will see this entry. click on it and follow the rest of the fields.

You should make sure to go over these symptoms with your doctor as some may actually be what we call 'prodromal' symptoms, or things that occur before a seizure. Others may actually be simple partial seizures.

Let me know if this works and if you have any trouble, I'll help you get it set up right!

Good luck,

Resource Specialist