Uncontrollable shaking

Hi people,

I just wanted to ask a question, and find out if anyone has had anything similar or if it is just literally me...I suffer with Grand-Mal seizures, which are still very uncontrolled. At the moment its very much experimenting with different medications and mixing them. Recently before a seizure, i get extremely paniced and, scared and then after the seizure, i shake uncontrollably for quite a while. The shaking thing is really new to me, and i dont know whether i should worry about it or whether its pretty normal? and if it is normal is their anyway i can control it /stop it, if that makes sense. Im 17 and im not really a go ask the doc kinda guy so i thought i would ask generally in here and hopefully someone can tell me im not going mad and its a normal thing?

Take Care everyone (=


Re: Uncontrollable shaking

It is NOT normal and you need to see your neuro, NOW, to have your meds adjusted.  With so many AEDs out there it's a good chance that you'll find something which works better for you.

Also, it would be a good idea to start a seizure diary: noting what happens before a seizure (auras? triggers?), what happens during a seizure, how you feel afterwards (physically and emotionally), plus the duration of the seizure.

That might help him/her get a better idea of what's going on with you and help identify something that will work better and not leave you in thus constant state of misery.

Good luck!     Phylis Feiner Johnson   www.epilepsytalk.com

Re: Uncontrollable shaking

Awe ok, i wont keep trying to ignore it then. Thank you for responding, take care