Tonic Seizures or "episodes"

If I'm writing groggy, it's the clonazapam. I started having "episodes" remniscent of a tonic seizure when I was 17. That was 17 years ago. In that time I had every test under the sun done to me and nothing that brought me closer to knowing why I have these tonic episodes. Countless trips to the ER too and just more scripts for clonazapam (sp?). Three years ago it dawned on me that my tonic episodes started at the same time I got two root canals. I went the dentist and had the root canals removed. My seizures stopped for 3 years! 3 years! Then a few weeks ago I had a cluster of episodes (trip in the ambulance) and then yesterday another cluster. I'm pretty bummed as I thought they were gone. Now I see a life of doctors saying "oh you have a conversion disorder" aka they can't figure it out. What do I do? I'm sick of being tested with no answers! I just want to know why they are happening!