time line of sz ativity

I'm in a study drug trial. It will be more helpful for me to have time of sz listed in military time. I will also like a way to enter future appts. with all Dr.s

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Re: time line of sz ativity

I think I know what you dr. wants.  Instead of, lets say 4, he wants it as 16:00 so there is no confusion.  All you need to do for military time is add 1 to 12 depending on the time after noon.  I was in a drug study for a while but it didn't help. 

As far as keeping track of appointments, I have a calander hanging up at home.  If the doctor's office can send an email, that may work as well.  Most of the doctor's that I have, give me just a slip of paper and I need to remember to put it on the calendar when I get home.