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strange behaviour

I have suffered from epilepsy since i was in my late teens
Im now mid 40's
Usually quite well controlled
Last weekend... had been a normal weekend
nothing unusual
normal day, had a bath in the evening
was sat on sofa. i remember having this excruciating back pain all of a sudden
i remember feeling hot....
Thats it...

now. im not sure where this next bit happened
but was quite aware i had this feeling i had lost something under the sofa
was fully aware i was pulling the sofa out, to get whatever it was...
next thing im on the floor. out of breath and sweating like mad
I knew from this feeling i had suffered a seizure
I looked up and had INDEED pulled the sofa out, and pushed it half way down the room
im not sure when, how, why i did this... in the middle, during , after the seizure?
but was aware i was doing so at the time. in a panic pulling the sofa out
After i recovered, i had an early night

felt awful the following day
but dragged myself into work
only to be sent home. my boss said i looked dreadful
speech was slow, eyes funny
if she didn't know better she would have thought i had smoked something
sent home and slept for the day
i really did feel quite terrible

years ago it used to take it out of me and knock me out the next day
but hasn't done that for some time
but on this occasion it really did take it out of me
with that and the sofa thing
im not sure what is going on and am quite apprehensive ?


Sounds like it could be a complex partial seizure. I certainly would contact your neurologist and explain the episode you had.


yeah may well mention to my doc

Thanks Karen 

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