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Signs of a Partial Seizure? Need some insight.

I've come to ask for some insight, and I'm hoping someone might be able to help me.

My mom told me that recently over the past couple months, my nineteen year old brother has been coming into her bedroom at random. For a couple minutes, he'll pace around, he'll bang on his head, and mumble to himself. It'll only last for about 2 or 3 minutes, then he'll stop and walk back out. Later, like 15 minutes later, he'll come back and apologize. Now, my brother has never ever been the type who does things for attention, so it seems strange to us that he would start now, so my mom thought it might be a seizure of some kind. 

So, I thought I might try and look up some information, and this website listed some things under partial seizures that made me think that maybe that's what it is. But, I'm not really an expert of any kind... and maybe I'm just looking for some medical answer so that I have some sort of relief in knowing that it's not just my brother acting this out. So, insight? 

I appreciate it :) 


Events at night including walking around as if in sleep can be symptom of a seizure or could be sleep walking or other symptom of a sleep problem.  Keeping track of when these occur will be very helpful. A neurologist would be the type of doctor to evaluate him and see what the cause is and what to do. Talking to primary care doctor first would be helpful so he or she can make sure no other medical problems that need sorting out and help get him seen by right person.

Good luck,

 Epi_help, Resource Specialist

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