Psychogenic seizures

Anyone familiar with Psychogenic seizures? I have had what I thought to be absence seizures since I was little and I am currently 32 now. I was sexually abused when I was about 4 maybe earlier but I can only remember 4 and 5 years old. I started having problems after that. I remember going to the bathroom and hearing voices and then it would get dark. I thin started having absence seizures and it was not until I was in high school they did a EEG and said I have seizures. Noone in my family has seizures. I have had two gran-mal seizures in my life and my last one a year ago I was in the car and my husband said I started screaming and then convulsing. I have tried about 12 different seizure meds and everyone the side effects are so severe that I can't handle them. I am currently on 250mg of Keppra and I am very aggressive and and get dizzy spells. The doctor wants to add Lamictal and wean me off the Keppra to see if the Lamictal works better. I am just wondering if I have Psychogenic seizures and even need to be on meds. Any stories or advice would help.





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Psychogenic(Non-Epileptic)Seizures.The term "pseudoseizures" has been used (mostly in the past)to refer to these events. Search the internet for,pychogenic seizure, PNES means Phychogenic Nonepileptic Seizure Disorder. Look at: and more
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Re: Psychogenic seizures

Read what phylisfjohnson says about pseudoseizures, today here: Is it Really Epilepsy?