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Pain after grand mal seizure

I have had my first two grand mal seizures in the past two years. The first one was in August 2010, and the second was was recent, November 2011. My brain was scanned after the first seizure and it was determined that I did not have a tumor or anything that appeared to be life threatening. Everything went back to normal afterwards, meaning I did not feel head ache, or other pains in my body. I did not see a neurologist.


I just had a second grand mal seizure, and was rushed to the hospital again. They did not do a scan of me this time. I've felt different, though, after this seizure. For a few days I felt like blood was rushing to my head, and felt a light head ache. I would feel tension close to my eyes when I clenched my jaw, but assumed it was because I clenched my jaw during the seizure. Today when I was eating breakfast, though, I felt a more distinct pain near my right eye when I chewed, and can feel it even when I'm just clenching my jaw. The nurses said I had hit my head on the ground when I collapsed, so I'm not sure if these pains could also be due to that. I'm a bit scared now, and am planning to see a neurologist soon.

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