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Neurofeedback therapy

I am getting ready to start NeuroFeedback Therapy on Monday...Has anyone tried this and what kind of success have you had with it? I am currently on Keppra for my absence seizures. I hate this med but it is the only one I can tolerate .I am hoping with the Neurofeedback therapy that maybe over time I can eliminate meds.  Any stories would be appreciated



Hi, I too am looking for info. on Neuro feeback.  Our son has refractory absence seizures and so we just started him on neurofeedback 2x per week two weeks ago.  I hear it takes months and not to give up.  We are commited to helping him gain control.  We are also looking into the modified adkins diet.  It will be tough to follow for teen, but drugs for him just hasn't been the answer.

good luck and be patient.


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