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My Seizures

Hi everyone!!  I have seizures; however, they have not yet been
diagnosed as epilepsy.  They have been proven to not be psychological,
but the doctors are not yet sure as to whether or not they are epileptic
as all of my EEGs, cat scans, MRIs etc. have turned out normal.  I have
managed to capture a few of my seizures on video, so please let me know
what you think. :)



Your sideways glances and your picking at clothes do suggest a complex partial seziure. It also looks like you had a tonic-clonic seziure. Just because your scans turn out normal does not mean you don't have epileptic seziures but it's best to find out what the doctors say.

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First, I would suggest you keep a daily seizure diary: noting your sleep patterns...what you eat and when...your daily activities (including changes and emotional upsets) you feel before a seizure (triggers? auras?) you feel during a seizure and the duration of the seizure.

Then, if you haven't already had one, I would suggest Video EEG Monitoring.  What is does is allow prolonged simultaneous recording of the patient’s behavior and the EEG. Seeing EEG and video data at the same time, permits precise correlation between seizure activity in the brain and the patient’s behavior during seizures. Video-EEG can be vital in the diagnosis of epilepsy and epileptic seizures. It allows the doctor to determine: whether events with unusual features are epileptic seizures…the type of epileptic seizure, and…the region of the brain from which the seizures arise.

I hope this helps.    Phylis Feiner Johnson


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