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My Daughter is only 7, just diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. Too Young for Medical Merijuana?

my daughter Emily is 7 years old, and has been having uncontrolled seizures ever since she was 6 months old.  after seeing tens of Doctors at some of the most reputable hospitals and clinics, and after trying 11 medications that did not help at all, she got diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome 2 days ago.  she has already tried all the meds that are prescribed for Dravet in the past and none have worked and she has been on the Ketogenic diet for 2 years now, but still having multiple sizures every week.  Her current Doctor is being very honest with us in telling us that there really is not much left to try to help her seizures.  the only thing left to try is a Medication out of France that is not FDA approved called Stiripentol, which is very expensive, but I have it ordered regardless.  A friend told me recently about looking into Medical Merijuana to help stop seizures.  I am currently doing research on it, but all that I find is great news for adults and nothing for Children.  can anyone give me any info on this subject or any other things that will help.. thanks for this great forum. 



wats up ray, im sorry for your daughters troubles but i would wait 4 the cannabis, u should let her brain develop more wait until her mid teens at least. althought medical marijuana is not just weed, theres candies, brownies, cookies, sodas, lotions, capsules many different ways 2 put THC in your system. maybe try a different alternative medicines like herbals or that sorts. if u feel she really needs it, thats up 2 u i wouldnt suggest it not 4 a couple years at least. hope everything gets better 4 u an your family



I've been smoking weed for only ten years now. epilepsy didn't start
till i was 19. untill my first seziure did i realize all the medical
benifits. I take Dilantin every night, and i hate it. i wish for nothing
more than to only ingest things that come from the earth, but for some
reason i still take it. i guess i feel like it keeps the seziures away.
Now you say you have given your daughter all these other kinds of
man-made drugs. and have tried so much. cannibis comes from the earth,
and it wouldn't have been put here if it wasn't meant to be used.
now if your daughter didn't have her conditoin i would say don't have
her use cannibis, but in this situation, anything is worth a try. the
worst that would happen is she wouldn't like the feeling. like the other
guy said there are so many ways of taking THC, (the main component in
cannibis). I'm sure it is keeper than Stiripentol. I try not to ingest
any man-made products. who really knows what is in it. with weed, you
know what you got. i wish you and your daughter the best.

Ryan Mansfield

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