Dear Friends,

Talking about epilepsy is very hard, for me... As it's always! Been a durty little secret :0( So I thought. Grwoning with epilpesy was taugh because I was raced in Greece. As my mum is greek and my dad is english. I lived in Greece for seven years.

Through those years, I had the surpport from my sister jackie and my dad Ray. Mum Koula was always in denail until this day. I never understood my conditson and still don't Can you help me? A few weeks ago I had a Aura at my mum's and paniced as I know Mum always goes hysterics.

This time was diffrenet, she came to me in a calm way and held my hand & I was ok. :0) That's all I wanted but what's to say she won't be calm next time?