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I'm trying to publish a book about my epilepsy...

I wrote a memior/autobiography of my life with epilepsy, but my SSI case will get dropped if I publish it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I thought about just passing it around through email like a chain-letter concept and just not worry about cash, but I'm tense about plagerism, and, well, I'm broke to the point of couchsurfing b/c I can't afford both rent AND meds.

I just want to support other epileptics in more thorough ways than blogs and chatrooms (been doing that); I got offered a VISTA position by Epilepsy Foundation in St. Louis, but I coudn't afford to do it, and the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern CA were helping me start a support group for teens with epilepsy, but I had to move b/c I lost my job due to seizures. I'm running into a wall over and over again when it comes to informing/supporting other people. I don't know what else to try. ??

I'm open to any brainstorms...I'm to the point of wondering if I should find a co-author to add info to the book and s/he can be the one to publish it. Idunno.

If someone knows anything about how to prevent plagiarism without publishing, I'd love to get some tips! :D

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