I Epileptic or non epileptic seizures? I AM NEW

I have had nine grand mal seizure since January 2009 - sometimes every three or four weeks. I had 5 seizure weekly.   After all the usual tests, epilespy was ruled out. I had blood work, CT scans, ECG, normal neurological exam, normal electrolites and an EEG etc.   My muscles contract, but I do not shake.  On one occasion my eyes rolled back, and on another I squinted.   Once I stood up, and sat down.  I never remember the seizure.  After the seizure it only takes one or two minutes to feel completely normal again.  Furthermore, I do not shake, and I either squint or my eyes roll back.

I was one, and one half months without medicine while in the hospital but I was on an IV as my protein, sodium, and K were low for the 1.5 months.  I began 1000 mg of Volproic acid (500mg in the morning, and 500mg before sleep), after the 1.5 months, and did not have another seizure for almost four month's Three weeks previously to the end of the four months,  I reduced the medicine to 500mg before sleep, and then had another seizure, and a second 2.5 weeks later.  One week ago I resumed taking 1000mg of volproic acid.  Interestingly, the seizures all occurred between 5:30pm and 12am - before sleep.   

Additionally, I have sudden focal hand dystonia.  Sudden onset is often associated with psychological trauma.  When I was 39 I was misdiagnosed with ALS - when I took a benzodiazapine the symptoms when away.
It was recommended that I go to sleep, and awake about the same time every day.  However, I get enough sleep.

As epilepsy was ruled out, why does it appear that Vaproic acid works or is it only a coindidence?   Could have been the low sodium, protein or K? 

I have only been able to find one or two websites that states that Vaproic acid works for certain kinds of non epileptic seizures.  I was told that prolonged extreme stress, and anxiety is the root cause.

Should I have more tests, and if so, which ones? 

I am 46, and never had a seizure previous to January 2009 in my lifetime. My health is excellent, and I take nutritional supplements.  ie.  3000 mg vitamin C, vitiman D, E complex, calcium, B complex, niacin, multi vitamin, selenium,  Othormind which supports cognitive function, and like Greens plus has ginko biloba in it, and soy protein isolate.  Should I be using a special kind of soy protein isolate such a fermented soy protein isolate?  I have taken these supplements for many years with no side effects.  I have read soy, and ginko biloba can trigger seizures. I drink one or two small cups of coffee daily.  However, I doubt that these are the cause of seizures. 

My N.D. recently put me on distilled cod liver oil - two teaspoons, twice daily.  It will be reduced to 1 teaspoon, twice daily in a few months provided that I am seizure free. However, the challenge here is that I will not know if it is the cod liver oil or volproic acid that will have stopped the seizures.  

Most of his patients (66%) who have/had both non epileptic,  epileptic seizures are now seizure free.  The remaining patients have experienced a reduction in the number of seizures.   This may suggest the same underlying cause, and "cure"  for those with, and without epilepsy.  

I look forward to your advice as to help me deal with the only health problem I have ever had in my lifetime!