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   Well..... I have had epilpesy since, I was 13 months old. As years have gone by my fits have changed and now I get AURA'S  Which are woring signs.. They only times I get tridgees is when I am OVER WORKED, ANGRY, MISSED A DOSE, LAKE OF SLEEP AND HEAT... What are the best selosions to this do you know?  


Ok- first you have seizures not fits. Auruas are good in your case. Heres what I have learned in many couceling sessions, etc and readings. STOP the aura before it turns into a seizure. I have epilepsy 23 years, my entire life.

1) Try and keep yourself away from the triggers of the seizures (yes easier said then done) -go to bed earlier, dont overwork yourself...set a limit, for me music is calming and being upset/angry can be a trigger so If I know I am going into a stressful enviorment stressful in anyway that will trigger an emotion I will put my music (I POD if I am out in public...its dying though I think I need to replace it) A cd at home, etc, radio. Missing a dose- well it depends on the medication and how far away you are from the next that you realize you miss your dose. But I have mine in a type of blister pack where I can rip off the dose if I am leaving the house and always care spares of each dose (labbeled) in my purse) For Heat-hold or wipe yourself  down when apropiate with a wet washcloth, etc.


2) As for the seizure itself if you know that something may cause a seizure stop what ever it is before your seizure. I will use myself for an example-just the wrong a,ount of light will trigger a seizure-so I will turn another light on. Also in my seizures I turn my head to the right. I try and keep it turned to the left or as straight as possible.  

Look at your triggers.  One common denominator:  stress.  Sleep deprivation, overwork (tired) angry (stress) missed a dose (physical stress on the brain) Heat  (physical stress upon the body)  Keep plenty of cold water with you.  Most of us are already dehydrated when we first begin to think about water.  We experience a lot less heat when properly hydrated.  

A majority of my seizures occur at the health club.  (I love the feeling of the endorphins, runner's high.)  I've found myself on the floor too many times.  I can't even do aerobics without someone with me! 

You might find the article on this website re:  enjoying the holidays and reducing stress to be helpful.  There are many books and classes specifically geard to stress reduction.  I find myself getting tired when I'm on the computer, another major place for my seizures.

Of course, none of us want to go to bed early, but it's worth the cost of seizures instead. 

Instead of being angry, find some humor and relax.  Enjoy little things.  Join an epilepsy support group in your area.  


  Thanks you have been very helpful.....   I hate it,  I feel VONRABLE how do I get contral back?



  Thanks you have been very helpful.....   I hate it,  I feel VONRABLE how do I get contral back?


Thanks you have been very helpful.....   I hate it,  I feel VONRABLE how do I get contral back?

Thanks you have been very helpful.....   I hate it,  I feel VONRABLE how do I get contral back?

Thanks you have been very helpful.....   I hate it,  I feel VONRABLE how do I get contral back?

Thanks you have been very helpful.....   I hate it,  I feel VONRABLE how do I get contral back?

Find the top epileptologist in your area and make an appointment with her.  Write down all questions; bring them to each appointment.  Show the questions.  This saves time and confusion.  (My epileptoligist reads my questions and writes the answers so I don't forget.)  Make sure to keep an honest, open lying about seizures, accidentally missing a dose, etc.  Keep your doctor aware of any side effects (good or bad) from all AEDs.  Your doctor can't help you if she doesn't know all the facts.

Take all AEDs, exactly as prescribed...the exact dose and time.  Bring a list of all your current AEDs, other Rx and over-the-counter pills, vitamins and suppliments with you.  Make sure to list the dose level, quantity and whether or not you are taking generics.  Bring the name(s), addresses, phone #'s of all other doctors treating you.  Ask if there should be any changes made.  Find out if there are any foods or suppliments you should/shouldn't take with your AEDs.  (This can change with each Rx.  Make sure to keep that updated with each visit and Rx changes.)  After each visit, update your Rx list with the appointment date on it.  

Find a pharmacy you trust and stay with it.  Keep all Rxs, for all medical conditions filled at the same location.  Your pharmacist will be able to alert you to possible interactions, etc. (Once I brought a handwritten prescription to my pharmacy.  My pharmacist told me that he couldn't fill it for me because I was allergic to that drug!) 

Ask if you can take an extra "xxxx" when you are feeling ill, tired, etc.  Stay in bed when you're sick.   Work on stress reduction.  It really helps!  My seizures aren't completely controlled, but they're a lot better than they were.  

I have drop attacks.  The seizures are the same, but I don't sense auras any more.  I'll feel perfectly fine, then wake up on the floor.   If I'm sitting down, the seizure is the same as any other seizure.  When I'm standing, I fall like a 'hot potato'.  I fought it, but finally gave in to wearing a helmet.  I found a patriotic and "cool" one.   Now I get compliments from strangers all the time!  I also work-out a lot, to keep myself atheletic, so I look like I should need a helmet.  Exercise helps reduce stress and seizure control.  Print this out and ask your epileptologist if any changes need to be made to it.  Good luck and have a Merry Christmas!  

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