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My son Alex began small twitches in his left hand & giggled for a few seconds. After a week it grew into 10-15 second seizures- his left hand up in the air with extreme tension/muscles & shaking while he made sounds like giggling/hyperventilation. In week 2 his both arms flew up, shaking more, seizures more frequent & he began stumbling backward & sometimes falling. After week 3 his entire upper body shakes- his arms out & flexed with so much tension it's like he's hanging from a monkey bar trying to pull himself up. He falls every time and his legs are beginning to extend out & shake also! They happen 4-9x a day plus 2-3 in his sleep as well and he hits his head nearly half the time he falls! WE NEED HELP! He has had a EEG & MRI as well as blood work that has come back as normal. His sleep deprived EEG results haven't come back yet but I expect them to be "normal" as well. I fear these seizures are getting worse. He has been on a low dose of Keppra for 2 weeks- we just doubled his dose a week ago now but there has been no improvements whatsoever. I fear these Keppra side effects as much as the seizures themselves- memory loss, depression, fits of rage etc. He has had some emotional outbursts and crying but its hard to tell if it's due to the stress & nightmare of what he & our family are going through. We live in Ontario- there is a 6 month wait to even see a Neurogist- until then we are expected to drug our child without any diagnosis whatsoever- does this make sense? The paediatrician knows very little & has nothing but a prescription pad! **Has anyone had their healthy happy child just mysteriously develop epilepsy? He is a twin & his sister hasn't any of this. **Has any natural alternative therapies helped? We are desperate for answers.. this fear and anxiety is crippling our family and as parents our fear is certainly not helping our son. We need help!

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