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Hello everyone.  My name is Joe Duncan and my wife Betty Duncan has epilepsy.  On Sunday, September 12th, she had her first siezure in 6 years.  The following Monday, she had a total of 4.  Two here at home one in the ambulance, and one in the ER.  She had just been taken off Topomax and 3 days later she started on Depakote.  They increased her Depakote to 3 times a day and she came home that Wednesday.  She had been fine till this morning.  As of posting this she has had 2 more although not a severe looking, they still happend.  I am on here looking for people I can talk to about these and to hopfully learn also.  Today is our 1 year wedding anniversary.  Hope to talk to ya'll sometime soon.


It could be that the Depakote isn't completely in her bloodstream yet (you could have a blood test and see what her blood levels are) or that Depakote is not the med for her. 

I see that you're keeping a seizure diary which is great.  Keep track of her meds, the timing and duration of her seizures, how she feels before (any auras?), during and after the seizure, plus the duration.  Give it a little time to work (your neuro can probably tell you) and then, if she's still having seizures, talk to her doc about switching meds.

The problem is that there are so many anti-seizure drugs out there today, that it's somewhat like a crap shoot.  It took me a looong time to find my med mix, but now, my seizures are fully controlled.

So don't give up yet.  Try to be patient, yet persevere.     Phylis Feiner Johnson

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