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I have been an epileptic for the better part of a decade now. I have seen how the medical sytem works, and how it treats you. Recently I had 2 seizures within a one month period and instead of investigating the cause, my neurologist blamed me for "not taking my meds" which I do religiously.

Fast forward to now. I got a call from his offices yesterday and it should be noted that he/ the clinic are part of LSU Free Health Care Services, but in short he has retired. And with that said there is no head of neurology. Bonus, and patient of his (like me) needs to find their own new neurologist through their PCP or other means. Because no Doctor will volunteer their time to keep the free health care system in place out of fear of being sued for malpractice. So thats what Obamacare is?

I am gravely disappointed in our government.

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