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Hiya all

I was thinking on getting people together to talk about epilepsy and how the outside people think


Outside people think better now than they didback in the 1960's. Understand that people with epilepsy were still being put away in homes and being kept out of the publicas views. Even into the 1970's some states were not letting people with epilepsy get a marriage license.

I am working and thinking about ways to get the public involved. If the can get involved and wear pink then why not purple?

I live in th largest state in the 48 continental states. It is a long way to houston from Dallas but I think there is a little office in addison which I will be checking out. Before the EFA came around we had the DEA (Dallas Epilepsy Association) who helped people find jobs. get assistance finding a good doctor. Help pay for seervices rendered,helped some peope get education at a business school. I know because I was assisted. I knew the manager. As for walks we had them in the 1970's. I would love to be able to contact people involved with these sites and local state EFA and E but I have not gotten answers to posts on the web sites and on face book sites.


hiya do you deal with epilepsy on a dealy bases I get by day by day. what makes it harder is having people in the world who do not an can not understand

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