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Epilepsy auras triggers

I was diagnosed with epilepsy back in Sept '09.  Since then, I'm on meds trileptal (may have misspelled that) and Zoloft.  I don't have the full-blown seizures, I just have the auras.  The medication definitely controls the auras.

Now this may seem strange but I'm wondering if the A/C (air conditioner) triggers my auras.  I live in Palm Springs and have the A/C on at night.  I also have it on at work.  I noticed that most of my aura episodes will always start at night.  I've been noticing that the A/C is on when it happens.

Today, I had an aura and noticed it happend when the A/C kicked in.   Has anyone else experienced this connection?  Could it be just a coincidence?  I'm guessing this may have something to do with being cold maybe?


Any feedback would be appreciated.






Abrupt changes in temperature can act as a trigger.  Whether it's going from hot to cold (like exercising vigorously) or vice versa.  Is there any way you can put on a light shawl or cardigan when you first come into the air conditioning?      Phylis Feiner Johnson

The change in temperature definitely can do it. It is a trigger for me, but in reverse, going from cold to hot. For some reason your body/brain just react that way to a change in cold temperature. It is good that you are aware, so you can do something to stop it beforehand.

I also think so. Thank you for the post.

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