Epilepsy and Brain Surgery. . . My Experience

Deanna Brady wrote a book about her experiences with epilepsy and brain surgery called Piece of Mind. 

About 3 years ago she had brain surgery to remove a benign tumor from her left temporal lobe.  She had been suffering from complex partial seizures since she was a teenager.  She would call them "flashes".  Then believe it or not, the night before her wedding she had her first tonic-clonic seizure.  She continued to have the complex partials as well as the tonic-clonic seizures.  She went to many doctors but never got the answers that she felt were right.  Finally through a miracle or chance she was told to go to UCLA.  Once there they gave her information that she had been seekng, along with several options.  Her husband and she decided to go ahead with surgery.

She wrote her book to help others understand what they are going through and that there are others in the same position.  She felt alone much of the time because she didn't know what was going on with her.  It is her hope that by reading my book, "Piece of Mind" that others can learn through her experiences.  What she did right and wrong.

Her book is available on Amazon.com.  It is well worth the time to read.  Many of the questions on the blogs and forums about epilepsy are answered in her book.

It is called Piece of Mind by Deanna Brady


 My Journey to Peace Amid Seizures, a Tumor, and Brain Surgery