Duplicated medicated types showing in Medicines tab...


 I have noticed that in the latest revision of the app, or possibly the last two revisions the medicines are duplicated in the medicines tab after making a change or adding a medicine type.

I am using version 3.03 of the app on Android OS v 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) on a GalaxyS i9000.

 Repro: After adding a medicine type, it appears twice in the medicine tab. If I then delete one of the medicines, both are deleted so they are definitely linked (duplicated) and deleting one deletes both. I have a screenshot of such and error which I have attached to this bug report. The med I added was one I take infrequently, after adding it appears twice at the bottom of the screen.

Could you look into this area of the code and check out how the medicines are displayed in the UI list?