Dreaming during Seizures??

I have dreamed during seizures that I'm seizing and I've had outside acknowledgement that those are real, but I'm having crazy dreams that I think I'm having during my TLS and I didn't know if it was possible. I tend to have seizures (when I'm asleep) in between 5am and 7am in the morning right before I have to wake up--which is difficult for me when I do need to get up because it's nearly impossible to get up after my seizures. Can we dream during Complex Partial Seizures? I swear I am.


Re: Dreaming during Seizures??

i am about to have a sleep study done for sleep apnea for checking if it could be associated with nocturnal seizures.my symptoms are the same.

Re: Dreaming during Seizures??

I have been having nocturnal seizures since 1992 after having a concussion from a head injury. I have also had my share of full blown seizures during the day.
During both types, I have dreams. I also have sleep apnea from being overweight. One of my 'auras' is having a repeated dream. I will have the same dream over and over again until I have a full blown seizure during the day that begins from something familiar from my dreams. It could be a place, a sound, or someone I see in my dream that I have never met. After that I don't have the dream again. I know that my daytime seizures last from 2 to 5 minutes or sometimes more. My husband timed one nighttime seizure that lasted for about 10 minutes.
From what I have read it is normal to dream during an episode. Whether you remember it or not is another matter.

Re: Dreaming during Seizures??

I have the same thing.
I'll have a dream and in my dream I start to seize and wake up right away.
It's quite scary sometimes