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i've had epilepsy since I was 13 months old, I will be 35 the 12th of November. My question is why does epilepsy make you sleepy? I have patial epilepsy.

I am getting discrimatided at work due to it. I cannot do over night work and my manager has put me on them I told him too many times it messes up with my sleep pattens. he is not having none of it. I said to him if you sake me I will sue you!

because he threated to sake me. I went back to sort the situation out and I had a mini aura and fainted he said get up nothings wrong with you.


My guess is that the sleepiness you are experiencing is due to the medication that you are on. I'd suggest talking to your neuro about the problems you're experiencing and mention that it's beginning to interfere with work. Maybe he can switch you to a drug that's less sedating.


C. Logan
St. Paul MN
Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) it sounds like what your boss is doing is illegal ( I'm just assuming you live in the US but I Would imagine other countries offer similar protections). As long as you can do your job, even with consideration to your need for a set schedule, you shouldn't have to face this kind of harassment.

Where I work people that have documentation from a doctor can be approved to get more time off, a set schedule, and other accommodations for their "disability". Talk with HR and see what can be done in your case.

The drowsiness is probably due to your medication so explain the situation to your Dr. Also, I would mention your work environment- they may have suggestions. Most of all, be sure to save any emails or other documentation that shows how your boss is treating you. I hope it doesn't come to legal action but you want proof of what's happening . Who knows, maybe you boss will be the pne to get axed

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