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break-through seizures-stress, med change, or blood sugar issues?

So I had a break-through tonic clonic seizure yesterday morning, my first seizure in over two years (I should be thankful that I don't get them that often).  However, I am usually very good at avoiding all my triggers for a seizure.  It seems like this one came out of the blue.  But I am worried because I have just finished transitioning meds, and I am now fully on generic Keppra (for about a week) and I am no longer on Topamax, this may definately be the cause of this seizure.  But I have other concerns too, when I had the seizure it was first thing in the morning and I hadn't had anything to eat yet, and when the medic took my blood sugar level it was 158 (which is rather high if you have not had anything to eat since dinner).  The ER doc also gave me a urine test and said there were "small amounts" of protein in my urine, but he said not to worry about my glucose levels or protein in my urine....

My question is: has anyone else experienced elevated blood glucose levels when they have had a tonic clonic?  

My next question is: do you think I may have had a breakthrough seizure b/c I am on the generic of Keppra?

I meet with my neuro in couple of weeks and both of these issues are worrying me. 

If anyone can give any imput I would greately appreciate it. :)


Hi there-

Sorry to hear about your sz.  The only thing I can relate to is that fact about the generic drug.. I had been sz free for a while and my pharmacy gave me generic dilantin; I had a sz (TC) a week or so later!  Ever since that day (October of 2000) I have been back on brand name and have been sz free!  Sorry I can't help with the blood sugar question.

Hope you feeling better soon.

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