About me

I have had epilepsy since I was 2years old, I first found out I had it after I had a photo taken with my grandma!
I am now 18 nearly 19 and still don't understand it fully. I have phocal seizures, petimal seizures and absence seizures.
I hate living with epilepsy, I have been bullied ever since primary school & when I was at college & secondary school I tryed to take my life with my tablets. I was out on epelim and it made my hair fall out. Then I got put on tegritol, that made me look like I was constantly drunk or on drugs I couldn't walk or talk. Then they out me on lamotrogine they have recently upped my dosage because the amount of seizures I have been having I am now on 1OOmg twice a day. I try not to let it control my life. I have not long been signed off sick from working because of my epilepsy, I am finding it very hard :(