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Working out and Seizures


I was wondering if anybody had a problem like me where they only really have seizures when working out, and usually not that often.  I have several test with several doctors but nothing has come up, just wanted to know if anyone esle was getting anywhere.  I am on zonegram but it doesnt seem to be working well.



Nope, but you might try taking a b-complex and try slowing down. B complex helps a lot for me, with blackouts. I have weightlifted since 1988, heavy since 1991. It helps me with mood and insulin reactions, flattens things out.

But I did during a time of serious reactions ,titrate back to just a half hour, under Drs suggestion. The insulin reactions improved and were much more controllable. You might try reducing length of time and seeing how it works. Increase your veggies and vitamins, try even with increasing meat-b12 helps bipolar for example. Then , see what happens.



I had the same issue in High School when I began lifting weights.  I had an increased frequency of seizure activity after starting the weight lifting program.  Once I stopped the heavy weight lifting (changed from "bulking up" to simply "toning"), the seizure activity went away.  The way that it was described to me, everytime that their is a "strain" involved in a movement, the blood vessels are being restricted resulting in a decreased amount of blood/O2 making it to the brain.  Also, remember to exhale when lifting as opposed to holding your breath like many do.  For me, it came right down to the fact that decreasing the amount of oxygen resulted in seizure activitiy.  Everyone may have a different reaction but this is what I found out about my particular experience with weight lifting, lack of oxygen.



I don't deal with the problem when exercising, but I'd have to agree that you should start slowly and very gradually increase your workouts.  If your blood oxygen levels are causing the seizures, you need to build up your endurance levels, -they will increase over time, just slow down and/or go for less time and build up from there.  Your blood oxygen levels will improve.

I have often wondered about the strain aspect of weight lifting which is a part of my workout regimen (every other day).  Good to remember to exhale and inhale in a deliberate manner during weight lifting.  Not sure if there is a relationship or if it is coincidence. 

I have had some momentary feelings of pre-seizure condition (not aura's) only during Stairmaster work outs but never developed into full fledged seizures (possibly a partial seizure).  

Going slow and building up may be very good advice.  I have often wondered about the effect of straining on the O2 flow to the brain.  Fighter pilots learn to strain to minimize effects of negative G forces and blackout.  This could be a valid situation as far as constricting blood vessels for people with seizure disorders.

Staying with excercise program, particularly cardio workout to hopefully improve O2 levels to the brain. 

Good subject for people with seizure disorders.  Liked to hear more.

Hi Dart,

Having epilepsy doesn't prevent the possibility of also having other disorders resulting in paroxysmal attacks.

While on a zero carbohydrate Dr. Atkin's Diet, I had bouts of hypoglycemia that were different from my epileptic seizures, but still having many characteristics of seizures. I later discovered that I could somewhat induce attacks of hypoglycemia through reactive hypoglycemia tests. The type of test I took was just repeatedly measuring blood sugar levels, while abrubtly consuming a large amount sugar, and mapping blood sugar levels for the sharp increase, and then the overly sharp drop of reactive hypoglycemia, before the levels would rise back to more normal levels after the precipitous drop (too big of a drop, or too long lasting, can be fatal).

Both painful and painless migraines I developed in my last semesters of university also confuse some doctors into thinking I'm having epileptic seizures (other doctors try to tell me that my simple partial epileptic seizures are just migraines).

Then, as in my previous response, I think I have LQTS that was also the originating cause of neurological damage resulting in epilepsy. LQTS can mimic epileptic seizures itself, especially during strenuous excercises. Very brief gaps in consciousness during heavy weight-lifting exercises brought weight-lifting to an end for me, because the most noticeable result was dropping anything heavy that I was hanging on to during an attack, getting everyone's attention and then some. LQTS is more frequent with epilepsy than once thought:

Paramedics can also mistake a frontal subdural hematoma as being post-ictal neurological events of an epileptic seizure.


I have never had one while lifting weights, but I only have them now during cardio sessions, whether it be jumping rope or running. I always drink v8 before working out, because of the b12 and because its less expensive than making my own juice. I recently have stopped cardio except for jump roping a couple times a week under dr.'s orders. If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it.

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