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 I am new member on this site and I wanted to see if anyone can relate to my situation. I have partial seizures since I was 8 but never knew that's what they were until I had a grand mal seizure 5 years ago. This past march I had a status epilepticus where I had 6 straight seizure over 3 hours. Ever since then I have had my mind on sex and my dreams are all sex related. My seizures are coming from the right temporal lobe but I do not know if that has any effect on sex drive. If anyone goes through this please let me know how you control it.



Are you on any medication? From everything I have seen they seem to lower your sex drive. Sorry, I don't know anyway to help you.


How old are you? Just curious.

Hi Scooper78,

"Sex Drive" and epilepsy is a very controversial subject here.

A search at the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, website will

Since epilepsy often causes additional and/or is associated with consequences of brain injury, articles including
epilepsy return such as "Hypersexuality or altered sexual preference following brain injury":

My experiences tend to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy more associated with the seizures in the
Limbic System, which
is often regarded as the same, but a search for "limbic hypersexuality" gives more results, while "limbic
seizures hypersexuality" quickly narrows the results.

Statutory rape of individuals with epilepsy is a very controversial issue, often immediately
silenced. Epilepsy may make a person very attractive to a rapist, and the person with
epilepsy will often be held as the person at fault, even if in the middle-teens of age versus
middle-age of the perpetrator. To officials who hold "as much in control of the situation", similar such officials
probably don't understand any nuances of epilepsy either, so my teenage experiences in high school
decades ago might be in the neighbourhood of a current google search for "30 days for rape", except I was banned to
the library and my teacher then sought other unwilling catamites lacking the charms of priapic epilepsy.
(Such similar officials as those cited in "Sentence Shock: Just 30 Days For Teacher Who Raped Student
A judge suspended the rest of the 15-year sentence in the rape of a student who later committed suicide
Read more: )"

In another forum involving exploitation of "faking seizures" for advantage, the responses to my response, that was also intially only partially censored, included:
Part of my response:
"While someone called the police, the police never contacted me. Afterwards, I heard various scenarios, from rape, to protesting the war, to nothing happened, to it was consensual and didn't meet statutory rape, and that I seduced my teacher, since I was well known for having fellow students hold me down so they could pet my large Becker's Nevus."
Parts of reponses to my response:
"it is statuary rape on 2 accounts 1. no one under age 18 can consent to sex 2. how can one who's unconsuss consent they cant theirfore it is unconsentual "
"i'd think that any sex during a seizure, unless consentual sex had begun before the seizure, would be considered as potential rape. obviously say your girlfriend or wife could give consent before hand to have sex with her during the seizure. of course, as well, it would depend on the patient's response afterward. they can, in effect, consent after the fact. oh, well, he is my boyfriend . . . or gee, i'd always hoped that he'd touch me! "
" but someone with real epilepsy wouldn't be able to remember having sex during a seizure. however, of course, if you come out of it naked or with a sore butthole and bleeding butthole or vagina . . . "
"Often a girl in her early teens fakes a seizure with the hope that some male will ..."
(Currently, the complete forum seems to have been removed: "Faked Seizures" By dfarrell at Tue, 05/17/2005 - 9:03pm | 2688 views | 115 comments, at 2664 views 112 comments 2716 views 115 comments, well after
the comment:

We do not allow people to solicit users of the site for research projects , or any subject without going through a specific process. I was going to delete this post, but see that many of you have responded. I will read these responses before any other changes. Contact me at with any concerns. )

shittie subject for since ivw been on vimpat and limictal i have noticed that i have been going num down their and have had two times since the meds and the subderal bilateral elextrodes were planted in my head. when i couldnt even get aroused. it started this year in may.ep has destryed my life and dreams. your lucky its gonna help ur sex life. if this keeps happining to me and the prob gets worse. im gonna permenatly check so consider urself lucky. thats a much better side affect then the majority of us get.:-)

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