Can TLE have this kind of effect?

Hello, everyone. I've been chasing down a mystery illness for over 20 years now. I think simple temporal lobe seizures *might* be a working model. I'll know more in about a month - I'm doing a four day EEG.

But as I said - chasing this for over 20 years. And I want to know if I'm chasing another phantom or not.

If TLE is my problem, I don't always have well-defined, "oh, that was obviously a seizure, or seizure-like activity."  I have things I notice: my heart rate will elevate to 80,90, 100, my BP will spike, I'll feel edgy and out of control emotionally and in my thoughts (bad memories, a tendency to feel very intense, and usually negative, emotions), I might feel bloated or mildly nauseous, I might have buzziness in my head (or my mouth - not a "bad taste" as some people report, but ... well, not *not a bad taste* - what else *would* I call it? Maybe it is a bad taste!) And these seem not-unlike the symptoms I've seen some people describe.

But interestingly, sex is a key indicator for me. If I'm able to get aroused, I'm usually having a good day - no symptoms, unless something triggers 'em later. If I'm barely able to get aroused, or completely unable, it's usually a bad day - either I will have some of the symptoms above, or worse - I'll be numb and super-mentally fatigued.

An arrhythmia might account for this too - if my heart isn't pumping effectively, we'd expect similar states - good days, sex is possible, bad days, it's not. Mental fatigue if my heart isn't working well, normal mental functioning if it is.

But here's the thing: if seems if I get excited (like the first time I saw Under Seige, and thought, *wow* kick-butt action beginning to end! - or, yes, "excited" as in aroused), it might trigger the whatever-it-is and bam - I'm now having a bad day... even if my heart rate hasn't shot up.

As I've kind-of set up, I'm looking at a heart condition as one possibility, and TLE as another. Which model fits better?

And if sex suddenly getting yanked completely off the table quickly and conclusively fits TLE, then I feel a bit more comfortable that I should concentrate my energies on that, and not pay attention to my heart. (Which I've already had thoroughly tested, including a full cardiac cath.)

But if that's awfully weird for TLE, then I should really dig in, because subtle heart problems are not good things for middle aged men to have, even if their arteries *are* clean and clear. 

As I said, I guess this is a bit silly, I'm scheduled for a 4-day EEG at the end of this month. But I still want to know if I'm chasing a phantom. Can anyone tell me if they've been diagnosed, and if this kind of thing happens to them?