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Zarontin side effects?

Since July 21st, I started Zarontin on a low dose (the lowest) and the first couple days was having typical reactions. Now though, I am getting bruises on my legs (but I got a scooter which bangs around a lot) and 2 days into the meds I started having panic attacks. I have been in depression the last bit since my nanny died and have had bad thoughts and seeing a therapist. If I have a bad thought now, during the day I begin to breath fast; I had bad thoughts but until the meds, no hyperventilating. ..I had also got a sore stomach sometimes on and off and under my breasts it would hurt, I switched bras though, so it hasn't been a problem. My mom has told me to wait a bit...wait the 28 days and see if the bruises disappear. What do I do? My libido has increased too but I am an 18 year old girl

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