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Zarontin increased seizures more info? Do I wait?

I started Zarontin on 250 mg, the lowest dose there is back on July 21st. 2 days into the meds I was a tad irritable and lost my appetite; that's back to normal. I had my seizures gone for about 5 days to a week but then came back the other day to my normal absence seizures which I have had since a child..and on my normal clobazam and lamotrigine they havr gone away mostly but now, they have started up again. On Saturday I had maybe 3 and yesterday I lost it wasn't as a bad but now it started up again :( is my brain possibly going haywire; my head was beating earlier on my pillow but I have slept sorta bad the last couple days. My parents say wait maybe another week..I am hearing voices too from the seizures and stuff. Should I call the doctor tomorrow instead?

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