What other Epilepsy meds exist for absence seizures?

IAt the end of grade 8, a doctor tried valproic acid but I was on the full dose right away and had a bad reaction. I take Lamotrigine and Clobazam, they don'tcontrol the seizures 100 percent. Therefore, I started Zarontin at 250 mg and am having not the best reactions and will be getting off it.

I have tried (other than the other 2).

-Clonezapam (used when my clobazam med ingredients ran out).
-Valproic acid.

What other oppisitons are there for absence seizures? I saw Keppra and Zarontin share similar ingredients and I have had similar side effects.

Is it possible if I can try Valproic Acid again? And what other meds exist for absence seizures?