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Has anyone been prescribed Vimpat? I want to know what to expect


How are you doing on Vimpat milliec7?

I began to take lacosamide for a few months before UCB's brand name Vimpat was approved in europe at the start of 9/08 and here in U.S.A. at the end of 10/08. When I began this Lyrica was reduced while lacosamide was increased. Untill 12/09 I was taking both Vimpat & Lyrica, then it became Vimpat & Keppra XR. This is even better.

Twice daily I take 300mg of Vimpat   &   Once a day (at bedtime) I take 1500mg of Keppra XR.

I've been ok. At first I was only on lamictal but that wasn't working alone so my doc wanted to try vimpat. In the beginning I had loss of appitete but that came and gone. As of now I'm not doing to well, I'm actually heading over to the doc on tuesday. I've been feeling terrible for the last month, hopefully she won't bump up the dosage or change in meds. Are you on it right now?

I have a very mild simple partial seizure disorder; so mild that it took 30 years to get diagnosed and treated. I began taking Depakote and have remained seizure free for 17 years. About a year ago, after reading that Depakote can cause bone-thinning, I requested a bone scan and discovered I had osteoporosis, despite having no risk factors. So I switched to Lamictal for 9 months, but had to stop because of a variety of side-effects, most notably severe anxiety. I switched to Vimpat three months ago. Although the Lamictal side-effects went away, I have had significant short-term memory problems and more recently depression. Not sure if the depression is due to Vimpat or learning that I developed osteoporosis and all the so-far-unsuccessful medication changes. But the short-term memory problem is definitely due to the Vimpat and is intolerable. I will have to try something else. I am thankful that I have been seizure free for 17 years and have only needed monotherapy, though.

I am currently taking 2000 mg of Keppra, 450 mg Lamictal, and my doctor wants me to add Vimpat to the mix. I am concerned about adding a third medication. What I have read about this medication hasn't been very encouraging.

Are there other medications that are that don't have as bad side affects. I have JME and often have myoclonic seizures that are not controlled. I have also had grandmal seizures about once and year and I believe I have also had an increase in petit mal seizures lately.

I am also looking at alternative therapies that might help like special diets.



I ake VImpat as well and have never suffered one side effect fron it.  I take the most poasiible dose one can  take.  400 mgs of it and never had a problem.

 I do sleep alot but i atake other AEDs as well.


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