Seizure meds and oral contraceptives

I've heard that anticonvulsants decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. Do they all interfere, or is it only a few of them?

My neurologist is holding off on meds until my seizures are properly classified and diagnosed, but this is something I'm concerned about if I have to someday take seizure meds.


Re: Seizure meds and oral contraceptives

Yes, oral contraceptives do lower the seizure threshold. I have had seizures my whole life, but not diagnosed til I was 20. I have taken phenobarb since then, and had been on birth control for years. My first son was conceived while on birth control!! Clearly, I didnt believe the warnings, either. That was over 9 years ago, so I don't recall which brand. After I had him, I didnt seem to tolerate birth control pills well, I would have breakthrough seizures or something to that effect on them, and my period week was always a tough one, seizure wise. I stay away from the oral contraceptives now, and it seems fine. I just need to use other methods of birth control. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Re: Seizure meds and oral contraceptives

I was on depakote for years and was also on birth control. It depends on the medicines and the birth control. You should talk with your doctor about what medicines are right for you, and also what birth control you can use. I used condoms for years because I was into super safe sex, but I know that the doctors have told me that you can have the depro shot and the meds should not reduce the effectiveness of this. I was also on Yasmin and the Patch. do some research on different meds for both your condition and birth control.

Re: Seizure meds and oral contraceptives

I got pregnant while I was taking Trileptal and birth control pills, my neuro never stressed the fact that the efficacy of the pill decreased with taking Trileptal! What a lesson learned!