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Purchasing Medication from Canada

Hi!  I take Keppra and Lamictal, and my neurologist will only write prescriptions for brand only.  The new generics have different fillers which are not metabolized the same way the brand meds are.  Some people have had problems with breakthrough seizures on the generics.  Even though I have health insurance, I am paying a lot for these two meds.  My health insurance uses Caremark.  (Caremark mail order won't accept any manufacturers coupons.)  I just appealed the cost of the brand drugs, but lost the appeal.  I am paying between $860 and $960 for Keppra (750 mg) and Lamictal (100 mg), respectively, for a 3 month supply.  This does not include what my insurance kicks in.  My husband and I have priced both drugs online at Canadian pharmacies, and found we could save a lot of money on Lamictal.  I am also planning on seeing if my neuro. will prescribe Keppra XR for me. 

Has anyone else gotten their medicines from Canada?  If so, what has been your experience?  Thanks!





Hello, I have experience with a company called North West based in Canada. My son is taking Lamictal 100mg once a day. The cost for 90 tabs, is only $131.99+ $9.99 shipping. they are a great company and I would not be able to afford his medication with out them. My insurance quote me $749 AFTER they paid! Who can afford that? It takes about 3 weeks for a shippment to arrive so order in advance, but you will save money. The pills come in a package from Glasko Smith Kline, but in a different language, they are factory sealed and I looked them up to verify they were the brand. Good luck!

Hi, everyone!  I had posted a message previously about purchasing medicine from Canada.  I just saw my doctor yesterday, and brought up the idea of switching to Keppra XR (extended release.)  My doctor said that there was also a Lamictal XR, too.  Both will work for me, and neither has a generic.  I checked with CVS Caremark, and found out that under my insurance plan, a three month supply of each drug will cost me $120, the same amount I was paying for brand before the generics came out.  Yeah!!!  I wanted to pass this information along in case anyone else is in the same boat.  Maybe this will work for you, too.  Take care!


My health insurance has a canadian drug plan, so I have buy all my drugs there if they are available.  I save a ton of money, and I have never had a problem with them.


Wow, I can't believe you have to pay that much for meds! I live in Canada and only the brand name works for me (I take Keppra and Lamictal).  I was only able to get coverage for generic brands and had to pay the rest out of pocket.  However I found out that if I got a note from the doctor saying that only the brand name works then I could get everything covered.  I managed to get that approved for Lamictal and now everything is covered.  Have you tried that avenue?  Let me know what happens,



Thanks for the input, everyone!  It's nice to know there are people out there to "talk" to!  As part of my insurance appeal, I did include letters from my neurologist and family doctor stating that the brand only will work for me.  I included my own letter and a scholarly article on Lamictal.  However, they strictly applied the policy limitations regarding prescriptions with a generic.  It looks like I will be purchasing at least the Lamictal online.  Also, thanks for the tip about ordering in advance.  I've been waiting until the last minute to order my meds to avoid the large hit to my wallet. 

I really appreciate everyone's input.  Take care all & God bless!






I also have to purchase my meds from caremark. I take tegretol 1400 mg per day (200mg x7) The first time that I ordered from caremark they sent me generic meds. My doctor says no to generic meds. Caremark has two different ways that you can be charged for brand name  meds. They call it something like doctor A, and doctor B. If I remember this right Doctor A means that the doctor is demanding that the script be filled with name brand meds. Doctor B means that the patient Wants the script filled with name brand meds. Get the doctors office involved in this, dont do it alone. My doctors office called them and set them straight. They said it was the doctor that was demanding this not me. My out of pocket cost went from over $400 to $100for a 90 day supply. Good luck, keep fighting. Dennis

I know this is an old post but I thought I would add to this comment. When I had no insurance for awhile (before our insurance laws changed recently and who knows if they may still) I had to purchase from Canada because the cost here was more than I could afford. The same drug even name brand was a quarter of the price than even the cheapest pharmacy I could find here. You can get the name brand and here's the kicker....take a look at where your pills come from. You may find they come from right here in the U.S. That's right...most of mine came from right here in the U.S. If I ordered from a U.S. pharmacy 4-6 times the price....if I ordered from Canada a U.S. pharmacy would ship them to Canada for a reasonable rate not knowing that Canada was going to sell them to me for a reasonable price. Gotta love it. Unless you have a small copay, or can find a reasonable pharm (I've heard check out Costco/Sam's Club you don't even have to have memberships) Buy from Canada.

Make sure the drugs are really from Canada.  A lot of fake websites claim to be canadian.  Check the drug carefully when you get it.  It might be fake.  It's almost like Heaven if it is 'the real thing' !

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