Please help any advise very appreciated oxcarbazepine and lavetaricetam/keppra together

Hello my daughter first medicine is keppra /generic 8ml am(100mg) and 13 ml pm, three weeks ago the neuro. Rise it to 17ml pm and and 10ml am during this time she still has partial seizure.  Two weeks ago the neuro. Add another Medicene for her oxcarbazepine  first two week 5ml am and pm (300mg)no seizure. The neuro told me every 4 days we lower the keppra/generic then Fourth of July weekend she had 3 small seizure at the daycare. Now oxcarbazepine  oral 300mg10ml am and pm also leveteracitam  100mg 8ml am and 13 ml pm.Question is this too much for her age ? she is only 7 years old 61lbs. she look so tired I have to give her a nap in the morning after the medicine.  Is this normal?sorry for my English let me know if does'nt make sence.  Need everybody 's input thank you