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My 13 Year old daughter

I Have a 13 year old daughter that has been diagnosed as developmentally delayed with seizure disorder, They have got her on Apo Divalproex, Phenobarital, and Topiramate. Now also want to add Lamotrigine to the mix. My question is, should they really have her on that many medications?,
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I wanted to let you know your post is being read but is hard to answer. Not knowing the severity of her epilepsy and not being a doctor...well, in all honesty, I don't know what to tell you. Have you considered getting a second or third opinion? The norm for new meds is two and if, also known as monotherapy. But I have read of those on here that are on more than two so it isn't unheard of. My suggestion would be to get a second opinion. Even if the opinion were to prove the same as the doctor she now would make you feel more secure in her dosage. I do hope you find the answer you need. Take care!


There are differences of opinion among neurologists on the value of monotherapy versus polytherapy. I agree with "spiz" that you should seek a second opinion, preferably from an epileptologist affiliated with a university-based comprehensive epilepsy center. Provided that monotherapy works, it is preferable to polytherapy.

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