Meds, Disability, Side effects and sudden weight loss.

Hi everyone,

I'm taking Limictal, Depikote, Onfi. Past 3-4 months I've suddenly lost about 30lb. Now the meds were great first 2 years, I got my liscense back and everything, so of course finally I could get a job anywhere I want and so I did as SO and my job was driving and protecting the neighborhood. As I started working I started feeling weird randomly (ouras?) Then after month 1/2 I got fired. (still not sure why) After a week I got my 1st seizure again but this time it was only 10 sec. or so. I've never had that before and the feeling I get afterwards is heavy (panic, paranoia, depression + for 24hrs). Now I was also wondering if Im able to get disability since this is every 2 days (about) and 2x a day. Also how would I?