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Marijuana and siezures

hello...  My GF is 43 and just starting having siezures in May. 2 GM's and then pretty much none till just last few weeks. she was on dylantrin from the hospital and then just recently weened to taking keppra and not having good results. she sleeps more than shes awake and has headaches and  just doesnt feel good.  she has had 3-4 siezures and daily jerking while sleeping since changing meds. Her memory thinking is harder and shez just so overwhelmed from losing her very active life before all of this.

My father has cancer and uses marijuana as a treatment, he suggested that it might help her and I have read some articles that shows great results and some cases that completely eliminated them. She is open to hte idea but i am trying to do the research for her so that she can rest and not get so overwhelmed. 

Any advise would be great. we have know each other since 7th grade and both liked each other but never dated till now in our 40's. I'm so in love with her and want to marry and even talking about having a child together. We are both bummed with all the thought of these seizures getting in the way of our new found love. Please help..


sincerely, John

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