Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

I started lamictal nearly a year ago and had very few problems when I first went on it. I was first on depakote but due to the idea that I may go away for college I had at the time, I went on lamical. For the a good few months I felt fine and like my old self. Back in the spring I had started to feel bad on myself which at the time I attributed to the fact I couldn't get the loan I needed to go to my first choice college but  recently I have been feeling so much worse. I feel like I am not worth people's time and and like I was never meant for anything in life. Life has just become a dull repeat everyday already and I don't know how to deal. I want to know if this happend to anyone else who has taken lamictal to help to determine treatment.


Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

Sorry to hear you are feeling this way.  I would recommend contacting your neurologist to let them know about this new symptom.

Lamictal is known to help with depressive symptoms in people with mood disorders.  My DH takes it for his temporal lobe simple-partials and it helped his depression immensely.  Perhaps Lamictal is not the best choice for you if it is the cause of your depression.

 Again, I urge you to contact your doctor about this.

Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

Some anti-convulsants do have more of an effect on influencing depression but more than likely Lamictal is not your problem.  However, I understand how you may feel.  I'm not sure when you were diagnosed with epilepsy, but I was when I was 4 years old, and now I'm 22.  If it is more recent for you that may also have an effect.  I've been dealing with my condition for most of my life and have tried about 10 medications, but now have been taking Lamictal for almost a year.  I had brain mapping when I was in high school, but it proved that I would not be able to have the surgery.  If your good at hiding your depression, like I have been for most of my life, have the courage to let someone know, it is the best thing you can do for yourself or it may get worse and the feelings will build up until you become miserable.  I have had that problem for a long time, but I have finally learned that keeping things bottled up is not the best way to go through life.  Have courage and believe in yourself!

Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

Hi Kyrie,

Ive been on Lamictal for about 8 years now and certainly can say that once in a while I break down. It is not often that it happens to me, probably about 3x/year. I know its the drug beause the things that upset me are ridiculous. I also know it is the drugs beause Epilim sent me nearly suicidal when I was a teenager. (I was on a very high dose of this at the time.) I hope it doesnt do to you what Epilim did to me, Im coping with the odd breakdown this time because it is not that common and it only lasts a day. Also, the knowledge this time that it is my drugs makes it a lot easier to deal with. If you are finding that you are collapsing too often then you should talk to your neuro about a change because I can definitely say that it probably will be the Lamictal and you should get off it.

Love, Kazza

Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

kyrie first of all welcome............and you are worth the time to all of please don't think that way......i know your pi ssed about not getting the loan for college........but there are other colleges out there.......all of us with epilepsy have to work twice as hard to achieve never ever quit or give up.........i dont know about lamictal so i cant comment ...sorry........but we are all here to support each other.........take care and god bless.......scratch

Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

Hi Kyrie

I just asked my Neurologist about just that. I am generally very much a 'happy-go-lucky' kind of person, but in the last 3 weeks or so I have been feeling so low and having melt downs sometimes over nothing. She told me that it is not a normal side effect for lamotrigine, but that I should contact her if it continues.

More than likely it is my belated reaction to having so many seizures this spring and having my whole life turned upside down. So I am hoping things will start to look up again soon.


Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

I've been feeling the sam way, but I've only been on it for 4 months.  I do have things to stress about but they usually don't make me cry like I do now.  It could be the lamictal or the fact that my hormones may be out of wack from having a baby although it was a year ago I've never felt the same.  I do have to say I'd rather have a few melt downs than worry about having seizures.  Since I've been on lamictal I haven't had any.  While on Dilantin and then Keppra I was a zombie all the time and still had seizures that became more frequent.  If no other AED has worked I would say try it because u can always change ur meds

Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

been taking lamictal for 9 years.  it can both help with depression, and can cause it.  it is usually intermittant.  that being said chronic illness causes depression,  felling bad long term causes depression,  lamictal can cause depression.  life as having epilepsy is just plain depressing.  road blocks being placed in your way when you are already dealing with enough crap is depressing.  i can give you a little tiny bit of advice.  find what allows you to feel happy and do it.  even if you don't feel like.  now for the bad.  if you get to the point that staying with the living is not an option, then not getting help is not an option.  here we help each other.  it is not a bother, it is not a pain,  if we are worth the effort, we are no better than you.  we welcome you.  we lift each other up, as we ask others to lift us. we all share a part of the same thing.  be your own advocate, ask question, then ask more questions. and when you have made the medical world listen, make them give you answers you are comfortable with.  don't give up goal, dreams, or just simple little happy thoughts.  you are a part of this world and this world needs you too.  hope this helps.  rikk

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I agree with that about Lamictal being a good mood stablizer.  I have epilepsy/Auras because I had brain surgery, along with major depression and anxiety.  My neurlogist put me on lamictal for my Auras but it also helped my depression.  I got off of the other drugs I was on except Zoloft.  I at one time was taking up to 25 tablets a day because I was on 4 different drugs.   I have had episodes where the thoughts of suicide have popped into my mine but i have learned how to manage those feelings.  I can have mt great days and then there are bad days.  I can laugh like crazy but I can also get really pissed.  Soemtimes they're Auras that are causing mood swings.

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Firstly I admire every single one of you for being so brave to come on this forum and being so honest. I've never has the courage to discuss my epilepsy, lamictal and depression with anyone apart from doctors.  Doctors, family, partners, friends - they can only sympathise (some don't even do that), but will NEVER truly understand what we go through.  I find that the worst thing; the feeling of isolation. My short term memory and ability to process information is non existant and I'm left feeling hopeless and worst of all, people think you're "scatty" (I really hate that word).

As I have been seizure free for about 5 years, I feel it's my Lamictal which is causing my depression but being bullied at work didn't help.  Is it the case that Lamictal alone isn't responsible for the depression but also a terribe life experience?  My confidence is a rock bottom thanks for my evil bosses.  I worked for a man and wife and they almost ruined my life.  Finally I got out but my mental health has not improved.  There are days I don't want to leave the house. I am about to start a new job but to be honest I'm terrified.

What a moaner - I've probably made you all miserable!  Lots of love and hope - Clare xxx

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I had a very stable job and a great boss for almost 8 years. A merger put me out there to be abused by the new group. I have had trouble with depression since I was in my 20's (I'm 49) and have tried Wellbutrine which without question I liked and it helped me until I had a seizure. It was a grand mal so we stopped that medication and tried Lamictal (Bi-Polar I was my diagnosis) but the depression kept pace with my new bosses CYA moves so I tried 2 mg of Xanex. Through my ingnorance, I stayed on Xanex XR for about a month and then as I started feeling better, I went cold turkey. BAM, another grand mal....this one was terrible beyond imagination. Now I am being tappered off of Xanex (takes about 18 weeks) and the removal has sent me into a sort of tail spin. I'm on 450 mg of Lamictal and suicide thoughts and darkness and wanting to sleep all the time are overtaking my life. I'm sort of a mess, but have to hang in there becasue if i stop taking Lamictal, the State will take my licence to drive and I am, as we say, screwed becasue my wife WILL NOT work. Her not want to work puts everything on my back and makes things even worse.

As you can see, I am stuck. Stuck in a so so job. Worried about my future. Have a wife who feels rescuing dogs and cats are her priviledge and gives little regaurd to anything financial (she tells me I worry too much about money.....??????) Really? She does not worry about much, I can tell you that. Up coming college tuition does not phase her nor does anything. She is a child, but, everybody loves her. She is sweet, but lives a totally unexamined life.


Again, it's all on my back and I'm about to break. 

Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

I feel your pain! I was depressed on lamictal.. thought of suicide all the time.  I just thought "hey it can't be the drugs, they use it for bipolar too"  but it got so bad because i also gained weight on lamictal.. also great for self esteem-> more depressed

I told my neuro and he said that its not known to cause depression or weight gain.  I said look at me!

I switched medication in february slowly and I already feel way better.  I have no energy from the new drugs. but I am not depressed at all. 

just sayin.. you aren't alone!

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What are you taking now that has you back on track? I am on 450 mg of Lamictal and the depression is not getting better. Thoughts of hopelessness and suicide are on my mind (never before) and I just feel everything is just SO hard. Decision making is terrible. I just recently changed jobs only to find out that the same problems have followed me to this new job. Therefore, I think I made the wrong choice which is depressing me more than anything. The positives are easy to identify on paper, but I can't break through my feeling of just hating what I do after over 25 years of doing it.


Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

What did you switch to because I am on lamotrigine right now and I never felt so bad in my life. I am wondering if there is an alternative or do I have to feel like this forever. thank you for reply and info!

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I took lamictal 7 years it helped my depression. Since i been off it my depression has went down hill Lamcital is strong medication to me compared to all the others I have been on. My doctor had me on lamictal and zonegran together where they worked together. An most epilepsy medications are depression pills as well as all our bodies are different so they may have to switch around your medications.   I hope things get better for you.

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Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

I've taken Depakote, Zonegran, Dilantin, and am now taking Lamictal. Before Lamictal, I was taking Dilantin, and I told my Dr I was depressed. He said he had me start on Lamictal to help with my depression. I feel I am more depressed on Lamictal than I was on Dilantin. I have gone through some major life changes during my time on Lamictal, but am having more seizures since I started taking Lamictal. I don't know if it's just me or the Lamictal. I'm willing to try anything to get my seizures better under control.   

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I'm so glad i read this post!  I am not a person who has ever been depressed so over the last few weeks i haven't really known what was wrong with me!  Crying for no reason, feeling like my life sucks and there's no reason for me to be here.  Then i realize what i'm thinking and shake myself!  What the heck?!  I sat down with my husband last night and told him what had been going on, and he'd noticed i hadn't been myself, but i tend to hide my feelings from him sometimes (sickness, seizures, etc) and he asked me how long this had been going on.  I realized it had been since the pharmacy switched my medication.  I'll call my doctor today.

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My 6 year old son was diagnosed with absence seizures in August.  He has started taking Zarontin, but was switched to Lamitcal by his dr in Jan.  We have been using the generic brand because it is $175 cheaper a month than the name brand.  No seizures since Jan!!!!!!  Our pharmacy switched generics last week.  Since he started taking the new generic he has started crying in the morning at school.  This is a kid who never meets a stranger and loves going to school.  I have tried asking him what was the matter and he always responds, "I dont know."

We have a call in to his neurologist.  Has anyone else had any problems with depression using lamitcal?

Help.  I dont know how much more of this I can take.

Re: Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

I started taking lamictal a little over 2 years ago, when I had my first seizure, a grand mal.  My test came back that I was only suseptible to partial seizures, oddly enough.  I was only on 75mg/day, which was practically a joke.  When I moved due to my loss of job, I had another seizure, it was only partial, and I was able to tell it was coming, which I was told was having an Aura.  My new doctor started upping the dose little by little, but then I became pregnant.  All throughout my pregnancy, I kept having seizures, mostly partial, but at least 2 grand mal.  I ended up on 800mg/day.  I gave birth to my son in February, and saw my doctor shortly thereafter.  I asked if we should decrease my level, and he said to start taking 600mg/day.  I'm supposed to see him again next week, but I've been feeling so depressed, I'm not even interested in doing anything I used to, all I want to do is to be left alone and sleep, but at the same time I don't want to be alone.  My husband doesn't understand, so he's not being very supportive.  I know it's not because of my little boy, because he's really well-tempered and only gets mad when you don't get his food to him on time (his time), and when he doesn't want to go to sleep.  I have another son, who just turned 5, but he's really well behaved as well, and likes to entertain himself by drawing and writing and reading...even though he technically can't write very well, and can't read yet.  After his birth, I was depressed and was diagnosed with post-partum depression, so I was put on meds...can't remember which ones, but they left me feeling hollow, and everyone said I seemed like a robot, not a person, so I stopped those and felt more like my bubbly self.  I don't want my doctor to put me on depression meds as well as anti-seizure meds, but I'm afraid he will try.  I used to be a nuclear operator, and now, it seems like I can't even do simple math!  I'm hoping he'll just lower my dose.  I'm thinking of doing it myself, but I want to see what he says first, and hopefully I'll be able to start driving soon, which I'm sure would help a little.  When I can start driving again, I hope to get a job so I can get out of the house more, and have some adult time as well.  Hopefully, soon, I'll stop feeling depressed and robot-like.  Especially since it's been more than 6 months since my last seizure.  Sorry this is so long, but I wanted say that I know how you feel.

By the way, I've also been told by my doctors that a low level of vitamin D can cause depression.  The best way to get your daily dose is to go outside a little bit every day.  It couldn't hurt.

Lamictal and depression: has this happened to anyone else?

People with epilepsy (like me) have deppresion,and anxiety.If you change your medication,it will be the same.

I took:Dilantin,Depakote,Topamax,Keppra,Lamictal.Carbatrol,Phenobarbitul.None of them helped my anxiety,

deppresion,and concentration.If 2-3 medication does not work,mostly the fourth,fifth and sixth one is not going

to work either.If your siezure come from Temporal lobe,you could be a good candidate for surgery.My memory

like other epileptic patient, is not working good,and having surgery MAY stop my memory get worse than right

now. If you want more information about epilepsy medication go to:

Good luck to you and others


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Good day all

I have been diagnosed with TLE ('dejavu' type seizures)a week ago and I am on my 7th day of Lamictal meds. I have never in my life been depressed (yes, I have had an 'off' day once in a while ... like most people do), but I am finding myself thinking of suicide, how I will do it, what I will write in my suicide letter etc. At the same time while actually having these thoughts I am thinking to myself that I am not thinking rationally. I am blaming the medication for this sudden burst of depression. I know that the shock of realizing that I have TLE can have a psychological effect but I cannot think it will have an effect on my mood to this degree.

I have sent an e-mail to my doctor to ask him if he is aware of Lamictal causing depression. Will let you know what he has to say on the subject.

Good luck to all of you and thank you very much for asking this question as I was searching all over Google and could only find 'positive' writings on Lamictal's effect on Bipolar I depression.