Keppra & Lamictal Combination

Any greater side effects from taking a combination of both medications together may worsen especially when taken at doses Keppra 500mg. ( 2morn. 2 eve.) Lamictal 100mg (3morn 3 eve.)


Re: Keppra & Lamictal Combination

I don't know exactly. I take 1500 keppra and 1000 lamictal. i stay extemely tired all the time. i do have some memory loss, but that can be the side effects of my seizures. i have had a LOT of weight gain since i increased my dose of lamictal and keppra. they have not controlled my seizures completely, but they have really helped. when i had my video eeg, they pulled me off my med completely and on the first day, i had 2 seizures. now, i have a seizure about every 3-5 months. i have partial complex TLE. but that is my side effects of the meds. hope this helps.