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ibuprofen as a seizure trigger?



I have recently switched over to Tegretol controlled release meds after I found Tegretol normal was not preventing complex partial seizures (a mild kind of seizure but still v scary!)

The Tegretol CR meds seemed to be working incredibly well and I was feeling v in control. Hurrah!

However, the other day though I took some Nurofen (ibuprofen) for some period pain (I hardly ever take Nurofen but couldn't find my normal medication). A few hours later, I experienced another cp seizure which resulted in me muddling up my medication for the day. This resulted in two more cp seizures the next day.

My question to the My Epilepsy community is: has anyone else experienced seizures after taking ibuprofen?? Is ibuprofen a seizure trigger?? The internet couldn't tell me much about this and a pharmacist I asked said ibuprofen was usually safe for epileptics.

But it would be wonderful to know there was a real 'reason' behind these recent seizures and that they weren't just happening horridly randomly, particularly after feeling so great on Tegretol CR and FINALLY being able to drive again!!

Any thoughts people??

Thanks in advance

"Feeling anxious"


For me..after I have a grand mal seizure I get very bad headachs and I have to take ibuprofen 800 rx  to knock it out... nothing else touches the pain.

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