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I broke my keppra in half and along came a seizure

Hi everyone my name is Alyssa and I'm brand new to this site. I came on here because my neurologist told me to cut my 1,000 mg keppra in half (the papers say not to) and had a seizure. But first let me explain my history.

I had my first seizure at age 11 I'm now 22 yrs old. My first neurologist put me on lamictal. I was on that for over 10 years reaching a dose of 750 mg a day. Over the years I've seen over 6 different neurologists who refused to take me off or even add another medication, all they would do was go up, up, up. But last year I was diagnosed with Itp (An auto immune disease that attacks my platelets) because I bled so much I was near organ failure. And was rushed to the hospital. And Finally found a neurologist who was willing to change my meds and that began my change to Keppra and Vimpat. I was put on 1,000 mg of keppra 200 mg of Vimpat twice a day. Now back to current events

i had to find a new neurologist AGAIN because he wasn't comfortable treating me so I met my new neurologist yesterday 7-29. Because my seizures are still out of control he wanted me to take an extra 500 mg of keppra. So last night I broke it in half and about 13 hours later I had a very bad seizure. I read the papers from the pharmacy and although the pill has a score line the papers say "do not crush, break, or chew" 

so my question is mainly for keppra users, but do you know if keppra is able to be broken in half? Does anyone on here do that? Did the seizure happen because of breaking the pill or a freak coincidence? 

Ive been keeping my head high for 10 years now and I'm starting to lose all hope and I've lost almost all faith in doctors. They let me stay on a very high dose of lamictal without giving me any other options. The last time I had any tests done was in 2003. Doctors don't seem to care or want to help so I need some advice from people with my disorder.


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