Has anyone tried Magnesium to stop seizures

Our daughter has complex partial seizures that we believe to be caused by previous vaccines and the remaining toxins in her body and are originating in her pituitary gland.    We've recently started giving her liquid magnesium after reading that it could help with seizures.  We're not sure yet if it's helping, but wanted to see if others had tried this.





Re: Has anyone tried Magnesium to stop seizures

I take magnesium after my neurologist drew labs and said my magnesium level was low and it would help if I brought it up.  Since taking magnesium I have had fewer seizures but unfortunately had to cut back on the dose due to them causing loose stools (sorry). 

Re: Has anyone tried Magnesium to stop seizures

I'm glad that you found out about your mg level because you can do something about it.  Please see my post up above.  There is a type of mg product that you can take to avoid the loose stool problem.

Re: Has anyone tried Magnesium to stop seizures

Magnesium deficiencies can cause seizures. My neurologist also had me take magnesium supplements after my first seizure. My magesium levels were very low when I had that seizure. I didn't have another seizure for 5 years. There's no way to know if the magnesium helped or not since I've had more seizures and my magnesium levels were fine. 

Did your daughter have a blood draw to determine her magnesium levels were low? Getting too much magnesium in your system can be dangerous so it's something that should be monitored.

Re: Has anyone tried Magnesium to stop seizures


      I take a magnesium supplement at bedtime according to instructions because it seems to relax the nervous system, making it easier to fall and stay asleep. Having enough quality sleep is important in raising the seizure threshold. I was told about this supplement by a friend who also has epilepsy. It seems to help. However taking more than 1 tsp in a glass of warm water does loosen the bowels, like a laxative. There is a happy medium to taking this; it can be too little to have an effect but too much can cause diarhea. 

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Hi there. I have been taking Vitamins containing Magnesium and I haven't personally noticed. I do remember researching one time about the amount of FAT ingested can in some patients lower occurrences. I wish I could remember the official Treatment Option. Supposedly, the high fat content in certain foods can help to lower the frequency. Of course, when I was a child that hadn't been an option. Hope this helps


Re: Has anyone tried Magnesium to stop seizures

I don't have epilepsy, but I have family members that do have it. Many forms of magnesium in vitamins are cheap forms and not helpful.  There are actually a few forms of mg that are not good for us, or simply will not be absorbed by our intestines.  These are magnesium glutamate, aspartate, oxide, carbonate, hydroxide.  One good book for anyone to read is called "Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills," by Dr. Russell Blaylock. He's a neurologist.

Also keep this in mind, many of us have calcium excess and not enough magnesium. Magnesium is needed because it controls calcium. Mg causes our muscles to relax; Calcium causes our muscles to contract, which at times we need.  However, not enough magnesium and too much calcium will cause you to have muscle twitches and spasms.  Magnesium actually controls 325+ enzyme reactions in our bodies.  Without magnesium, potassium will not work, calcium will not work properly. 


The form of magnesium that helps my husband and I is Jigsaw Health Magnesium w/SRT.  Check this out  http://jigsawhealthfan.blogspot.com/

And also read my disclaimer.  The SRT means sustained release technology.  It will stay in your system and not pass through too quickly so you will get the benefits. I think it's about 8 hours.  This is one problem with magnesium is it will cause you to have a diarrhea effect. Not so with this. And it also has a little B6 and Folic Acid that is in it, along with Malic Acid that binds to it.

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I was put on a special diet - basically meat & vegetables - in combination with magnesium ("CALM" - dissolved in hot water, goes more quickly through the lining of the stomach into blood stream) and 1 week later had a completely seizure-free e.e.g. 

 I wasn't able to stick to the diet, but I would recommend doing it for one week and then limiting wheat and sugar.

Magnesium is known to be related to controling the electronics in your body (including abnormal heart beats, etc. - atrial fribulation) - google magnesium.

It worked for me as long as I was on the diet.  

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When I was pregnant is went my perinologist and they checked my blood pressure and sent me right to the hospital. There I was put in a room with a high dose mag iv because my level was low and they were afraid I would have a spell. I'v never had magnesium before; it was rough. I was had my room at 50 degrease because I was so hot and was throwing up often.  I stayed in that room for 36hrs and they finally had to take her by c-section.  It must have worked cause I didn't have a spell until after she was born. The magnesium supplements didnt help me but it probably saved my daughters life.