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Generic form of Lamictal XR

After much research, I located a generic form of Lamictal XR call Lamotrigine XR.  It is NOT offered in the UNited States but readily available from other parts of the world ie: Canada.  Does anyone have direct experience with this generic and is it legitimate?  I would welcome a licensed doctor who has prescribed the generic and acknowledges its benefit.


Thank you



i take 500mg of lamotrigine everyday. do you know why its not available in america?


Thank you for your replies.  Lamictal "XR" is patent protected in the U.S. (at least that is what I'm told).  The only generic version of the "XR" can be found on pharmacy websites outside US.    

its legal in the u.s. cuz i take it also
i take 300mg every day and it works but its a little more annoying than Lamictal XR.
Lamotrigine is less expensive but it still works for me a least

Do you take Lamotrigine "XR" ?  It's a generic made by Torrent Pharma?  and  only available outside the U.S. 

I take 500 mg of Lamictal XR per day and am VERY interested in any discussion around a generic that may become available. I see multiple comments here from well meaning folks who are not picking up on the "XR" part of our generic dilemma. We know that a generic exists for the traditional Lamictal (Lamotrigine)but not for the extended release(XR)version that we take.

I lived in Europe in the 90s and was prescribed Lamictal (non XR) by my Neurologist over there before it was approved for use in the USA. When I got home I got lucky because the US approved it 6 months later. The FDA is slow - that is arguably good and bad.

At any rate, I will say that my Neuro. here is the BEST and she is 100% against generics because of their dicey mix between lamotrigine and fillers. But she is also real world enough to understand the awful costs we bear with these drugs.

So I will join in this dialog and help with the search. Lets stay in touch.

I took regular lamictal for ten years and I started taking lamictal xr one year ago. The cost went up three fold, but I stuck with it after hearing terrible stories about going generic. I take 200 mg twice a day, but I've been considering trying something different.

I still have a complex partial seizure once a month in my sleep, plus the side effects are really drawing down my performance in the office. Memory retention, concentration and assimilating financial situations and calculation are not possible during peak periods in each day. Plus, lately I'm thinking it's been accelerating my heart rate. Regular lamictal had the same side effects, but this one also seems to have an effect on my heart rate.

How has lamictal xr worked for you and are you taking it with another medication!

Have a nice evening and good luck!

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